Meze On Growing Up In Los Angeles & His Passion for Painting Custom Sneakers.

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Posted on January 22 2020

Meze On Growing Up In L.A. and His Passion For Painting Custom Sneakers.





Watts native, @mezeon , tells his story on growing up in Los Angeles, including conversations about his favorite places, and earliest memories living in the city. — Always having a passion and love for being creative, Meze found solace painting while spending time on dialysis, battling Renal Kidney Disease.

Receiving an abundance of support and love for his talent, Meze reminds us of the many opportunities we have living in L.A. and that "You never know who's watching." — 𝙈𝙀𝙕𝙀 #lacreatesdreams #LosAngelesCreatesEndlessDreams



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