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"Off the Record at Laced." is a digital platform created by the owners of Laced. Pooh Jeter and James Booker that takes you “off the record” with tastemakers, business owners, athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs who are not only Laced., but are also L.A.C.E.D.

But what does it mean to be L.A.C.E.D? Los Angeles has its own culture and style. Something that cannot be replicated. People that are L.A.C.E.D are people from Los Angeles that are creating their endless dreams.

Each episode is shot weekly at our Laced. Headquarters. Each session is meant to give the viewer a inside experience into the lives of these influential  individuals, as well as their success and failures. Unlike other podcasts and interviews, Laced. asks the questions that other interviewers wouldn’t dare to ask. Why do we do this? At Laced. we  know the importance of being bold.

Visit our video library of past interviews and stay tuned for future interviews with other influential Los Angeles community members. In the meantime, stop by our Los Angeles clothing store to view our large selection of designer clothing and limited edition shoes. Contact us today if you have any questions about Laced.

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