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Why You Should Work With An Experienced Stylist At Laced

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Posted on March 01 2019

Here at Laced, we view fashion as more than just what you wear — it is a lifestyle. That is why we carry the latest and best in trending clothing at our Los Angeles clothing store. From exclusive releases to must-haves, we provide our customers with a truly unique boutique experience.

Not only can you enjoy browsing our incredible selection of the hottest clothing, but you can also work with a personal stylist to ensure you are putting together ideal look for your unique self. Our stylists cater to some of the most elite athletes, celebrities, social media influencers, and local residents like you. Find out why you should take the time to work with a stylist to put together a personalized wardrobe and visit us soon to experience the Laced difference.

You Will Leave With A Complete Look

Have you ever gone shopping on your own, only to return home and realize that while you purchased a variety of pieces, you didn’t actually create any one single complete outfit? This can wind up leaving you with a closet littered with amazing pieces that don’t pair well together. The end result is that your new purchases hang in your closet untouched for years to come. Eventually, they fall out of fashion and your money was wasted.

When you work with a stylist, you can free yourself from this pattern. An experienced stylist at Laced will work to help you put together complete outfits that synchronize together to create the perfect wardrobe. Rather than getting home and feeling uncertain of what to pair your new designer shoes with, you will already have the perfect outfit in mind.

You Will Be Confident In Your Buys

Have you ever purchased a truly trendy outfit but then you got too nervous to sport it on the street? This can happen to us all. We think that the clothes we tried on were an excellent style choice, but then we doubt ourselves later. We stand in our homes staring in the mirror wondering whether or not we made the right decision.

Working with a professional stylist will rid you of this fear. You can leave confident in your purchases, ready to sport your new apparel. When you put your new clothes on at home, you can remain certain that the professional who assisted you knew what they were talking about. This can give you the boost you need to get out there and flaunt a bold style.

You Can Prepare For Big Events

Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps you were invited to an A-list party and you need the right outfit for the day. When you shop on your own, you can waste a lot of time debating what is the right fit for the event.

Our stylists will be able to help you choose everything you need for a major event. From choosing the right new pair of limited edition Nikes to picking the perfect shades to tie everything together, a stylist will know what specific pieces will kick your look up another notch.

You Can Curate A Signature Look

Do you know what your signature look is? If not, it might be time to work with a stylist. Often, we pick a new piece of clothing here or there or purchase a pair of shoes we fell in love with, but we don’t have a direction for our overall look.

A professional stylist will ensure that you leave our boutique clothing store with a look that is all your own. You will not be copying anyone else or blending into the crowd. You will be standing out as a fashion leader.

You Can Get The Most For Your Money

Purchasing new designer clothes can require an investment of money. You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your purchasing power. That is why at Laced, we only carry the very best brands, such as Puma, TCG, Dita, Clear Weather, Billionaire Boys Club, Nike, and more. We want you to feel good about the purchases you make.

Working with a stylist will ensure that you are choosing the ideal pieces for your wardrobe. You won’t waste money on items that are left in your closet to collect dust. Instead, you’ll be thrilled to wear the outfits we help you curate.

You Can Efficiently Build A Wardrobe

For many of our clients, time is money. You don’t have excess hours in your day to spend putting together your wardrobe. Working with a pro at Lace will allow you to efficiently build a new wardrobe that you are pleased with. Rather than wandering from store to store, trying to put together the outfits you want, you can enter Laced and work with an experienced stylist to quickly build the ideal wardrobe.

Visit Laced Today

Are you ready to find the best in LA fashion? Come visit our Los Angeles clothing store. We carry the very best in trends and offer the brands you love. We know how important the right style is to your daily living, which is why we stock exclusive clothes and incredible accessories. If you are interested in working with a stylist at our clothing boutique, please stop in to see us. We will be happy to work with you to build out the look you are seeking. Say goodbye to blending in with the crowd and enjoy having a signature style everyone will be left talking about.

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