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The Nike Adapt BB — A Shoe From The Future

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Posted on December 30 2018

For some people, it seems like shoes are constantly evolving, with different iterations of development improving on an annual basis. For others, however, they see the shoe industry as stagnant and unchanging.

Regardless of how you view the shoe industry, there is a new shoe on its way to shake everything up — The Nike Adapt BB.

What Is The Nike Adapt BB?

You may have seen the new Nike Adapt BB in Nike’s most recent campaign, but it is more than likely that you first caught wind of this futuristic show when the Boston Celtics forward, Jayson Taytum, recently wore them in a game against the Toronto Raptors. While this might seem unimpressive, being that Nike unveils a number of different basketball shoes annually, the Nike Adapt BB is truly the first of its kind.

What sets the Nike Adapt BB apart from other basketball shoes is that it is the first self-lacing basketball shoe. Additionally, this innovative shoe can sense when it needs to be tightened, as well as how tight it needs to be.

How Does It Work?

The Nike Adapt BB is the first of its kind for many reasons, but among the most important is its technological ability to be customized to each wearer’s preference. Featuring motor and gear train sensors, the Nike Adapt BB can sense the tension needed by the wearer and adjust to keep the foot snug.

Known as FitAdapt, the smart feature of the Nike Adapt BB can be adjusted by both manual touch or the user’s smartphone — allowing the wearer to input specialized fit settings that fit their preferences in different situations. Not only does this feature allow the wearer to tighten and loosen their shoes with ease, but it also eliminates the age-old issue of having one shoe that is tighter than the other.

What Is The Significance Of This Release?

While some sneaker-heads might not be as excited for the release of the Nike Adapt BB as they are for some of the more standard Nike classics, the Adapt BB is still quite significant. First and foremost, it is the first activewear shoe of its kind — combining the stability and support of a basketball shoe with the convenience of the self-lacing Air MAG that Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future.  

Where can you find them?

Nike has announced that they will be selling the Nike Adapt BB in multiple stores ranging from their website to higher-end sneaker retailers.

How much are they?

When you hear “self-lacing technology” and “smartphone connectivity” it is natural to associate a high cost with the Nike Adapt BB — but in reality, the Nike Adapt BB is much more affordable than you might think. For the “low” cost of $350.00 you could be the owner or a pair.

When are they being released?

You could get your hands on a pair of Nike Adapt BB as early as February 17, 2019.

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