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The Air Max Has, And Will Continue To Have, A Special Place In History

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Posted on November 15 2018

When most people think of the Nike Air Max, they simply think of the mid-80s and the hype it they generated. Every kid wanted a pair — and who could blame them — they were simply the hottest shoe on the market. While the Air Max line has since deviated from its humble beginnings, there are a few similarities that each new release shares with the last.

In today’s blog post, we are going to do our best to accurately portray the sheer importance that the Nike Air Max has had on the sneaker world, as well as review some of the intricacies of the shoe that are often overlooked and the history behind them. Laced. is your premier Los Angeles shoe store, and we pride ourselves on having some of the newest releases of the hottest shoes — including the Nike Air Max. Come to visit us at 4193 Redondo Beach Blvd. in Lawndale, California today and see what we are talking about.    

Nike Air Max — From Humble Beginnings

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, the Air Max was definitely on your Christmas list — and if you weren't lucky enough to get a pair, it was what you saved all of your money for. The Nike Air Max was the newest, most exciting shoe that you could get your hands on, and while it is not the center of attention as is was some 20-odd years ago, it is still a staple of sneaker culture.

In The Beginning

Back in 1964, Nike was born — but under an alias that you might not be so quick to recognize. Founded by a former University of Oregon runner Phil Knight and his former coach Bill Bowerman, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). Yeah, you are right — it lacks the appeal that the name “Nike” has. 

Knight and Bowerman started off the business not as a shoe manufacturer, but a distributor for another brand known as Onitsuka — shortly after repurposing an Onitsuka show model to create the first ever Nike shoe known as The Nike Cortez. But it wouldn’t be long until a new shoe was developed and the sneaker game would change forever — enter the Nike Air Max.

The Birth Of The Air Max

When people think of the Air Max and how it differs from other shoes, they often think of the technology that is involved — being that it was the first of its kind. In fact, it is hard to talk about Air Max at all without also bringing up NASA’s involvement in its development. While NASA did not help to develop the Air Max itself, they did help to develop the first iteration or step towards the Air Max.

Designed for the Honolulu Marathon, Nike decided to manufacture a shoe that was lighter than previously believed to be possible. Collaborating with a former NASA engineer, they did just that. By utilizing a method of production known as blow rubber molding, the Nike Air Tailwind was designed to have a hollow mid-sole filled with polyurethane pouches. Does this sound familiar?

The Original Air Max

Built on the science that laid the groundwork for other famous sneakers like the Nike Air Tailwind, Air Jordan, and Air Force 1, the Air Max 1 running shoe was released. But what made the Air Max 1 different? It featured a much larger air pouch than its predecessors and also featured a “window” to the bubble in the side of the sole.

Originally marketed as a shoe for runners who were looking for some extra cushioning, the Nike Air Max 1, and the shoes that were birthed from its genius, were later marketed to the average Joe — after all, it was the newest and most exciting shoe on the market, and everyone wanted a pair.

Fast forward 30 years. Most shoes don’t last for 30 years before they are phased out for a new and improved design — seldom are they kept around. This is where the Nike Air Max line of shoes set itself apart. Sure, since the shoes inception we have seen iconic iterations like the, Air Max 90, Air Max 180, Air Max 93, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Max Plus, Air Max 2015, and now the Air Max 270 — but how many shoe designs out there do you know of where you can still buy the original?

Laced. — Your Source For The Newest, And Hottest, Shoes

The Air Max is one of the most iconic Nike shoes of all time, and there is not one person that can argue that — especially since they are still being developed in new and exciting ways. Whether you are an 80s baby who can’t help but love the original Air Max 1 or a 2000s baby who loves the new iterations like the Air Max 270, there is a soft spot in everyone’s heart for the Nike Air Max line — and if you are looking for the newest and most exciting Nike Air Max shoes, we urge you to keep an eye out for them at our Las Angeles shoe store.

At Laced., we love sneakers and the latest styles of clothing. If you are looking for the hottest shoes and clothing available in the Los Angeles area, we urge you to come to visit us and check out our inventory. We hope to see you soon!

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