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Nike Air Force 1 — Is It The Sneaker Culture Champion?

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Posted on November 30 2018

If you are reading this blog post today, you likely already understand the allure of a fresh new set of sneakers — especially if they are a new release or are hard to find. People’s love for sneakers is extremely diverse, being that some people just get the latest and greatest pair when they need new shoes, while others have to have the newest shoes and end up with a large collection of kicks.

Regardless of if you are a serious shoe collector or a window shopper, there is one shoe that almost everybody knows, or could at least identify if seen in passing. Of course, the shoe that we are talking about is the Nike Air Force 1. The Nike Air Force 1 is arguably the most sought-after shoe available today — and for good reason too!

In today’s blog post we will be talking about the Nike Air Force 1 shoe line, their impact, and how they came to be one of the most iconic sneakers ever released. If you are looking to find yourself a pair of exclusive Nike Air Force 1s we strongly suggest that you come to visit us at Laced. — your premier Los Angeles shoe store located at 4193 Redondo Beach Blvd. in Lawndale, California.

A Cultural Force To Be Reckoned With

When it comes to iconic shoes there are a few shoes that immediately come to mind. You have the Nike Air Jordan 1 that revolutionized basketball, the Adidas Stan Smith that showed the world that tennis shoes could make a fashion statement, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star that reigned as the most popular shoe for a number of years, the Asics Onitsuka Tiger that revolutionized running and in a roundabout way gave birth to Nike, and the Nike Air Force 1.

The Nike Air Force 1, so aptly named for the aircraft that transports the President of the United States of America, are arguably one of the most iconic sneakers ever produced by Nike — or really any shoe manufacturer for that matter. In fact, this shoe is so iconic that it still boasts impressive sales while not having changed much in design or aesthetic for over 35 years. Sure, there have been a great number of iterations in design that would guess is up in the thousands, but the most popular Air Force 1s are still the least flashy — the monochromatic black and white colorways.

What Made The Air Force 1 So Popular?

In 1982 the Air Force 1 rolled out into the market, but it was much different than the shoe’s most popular version today. While the most popular current version of the Air Force 1 is arguably the low, ankle cut version in the monochromatic white colorway, it was not offered in any style other than high-top when it first came to market.

That being said, it was still pretty easy for them to market the shoe — being that Nike enlisted the help of six NBA stars. Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychal Thompson, and Calvin Natt all took part in a campaign that would solidify the Air Force 1’s place in this world.

While initially the Air Force 1 was marketed as a basketball shoe with unmatched ankle support and traction it lacked the public appeal that it currently has today — and because of that, Nike released a new iteration of the Air Force 1. The Air Force 1 Low was Nike’s attempt to make a shoe for everyone — not just basketball players. And it worked.

Later in 1984, Nike decided that they were done with the Air Force 1, inadvertently creating one of the most desired shoes of all time. When they pulled Air Force 1s off of the shelf everyone went mad. People began to take extra good care of the shoes that they had, with some even customizing their Air Force 1s — because nobody knew if they would ever be available to purchase their favorite shoe again. Luckily, after a couple of years Nike realized the incredible demand that taking the Air Force 1s off of the shelf created and began to start manufacturing them again. And we are all thankful for that.

Where Are They Now?

Like most other popular shoes that have stood the test of time, Air Force 1s have entered the limited edition shoe era. Sure, you can still go online and buy a monochrome white colorway Air Force 1 Low, but now they have almost shifted to a higher-end custom shoe market. Popular high-end sneaker shops have been pairing up with companies like Nike to produce limited edition, or high-end, collaborations. Among the most popular of companies that collab with Nike on their shoes is OFF-WHITE. And you guessed it — they have done a collaboration with Nike on the classic Air Force 1 Low.

Custom shoes and limited release shoes are exciting, being that when you buy it you know that you have something special. But where is the best Los Angeles shoe store to find limited release and collaboration sneakers?

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