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How To Buy Limited Edition & Exclusive Shoes In Los Angeles

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Posted on January 30 2019

If you like upscale boutique fashion and streetwear as much as we do then you likely already know the pains that are associated with shopping for limited edition shoes. Most people use the strategy of “I know that the shoe releases online today, so I might as well sit here and refresh the page every 30 seconds until something happens.” Others have a more methodical approach to finding limited edition or rare shoes — a strategy that we see to be much more desirable, here at Laced.

As a Los Angeles shoe store and upscale clothing boutique, we know a thing or two about shopping for rare sneakers. Because of this, we thought that we might shed some light on the topic of shopping for limited edition shoes. Continue reading to learn more.

What Makes A Shoe Limited Edition?

When people hear the term “limited edition” they generally have a pretty good idea of what it means — that there is some sort of exclusivity in regard to the shoe. That being said, there are a number of reasons that a shoe can be considered limited edition in a broader sense. Below, we have listed a few of the reasons that a shoe might be considered to be limited edition, rare, or exclusive.

A Collaboration - Sure, Nike is known for making some amazing shoes, and they have been doing so for quite some time, but every so often an exciting collaboration is in the works. For example, every so often Nike and OFF WHITE create a special collaboration that puts a veil of exclusivity over one of their classic shoes.

A Limited Quantity -  If a brand wants to make a product exclusive there's one thing that they can do to all but ensure its status as a limited release — only produce a limited quantity. Producing a limited quantity makes a product exclusive because not everyone can have it — being why when you hear people talking about the nicest products in the world they typically say “it is one of “x” in the world.”

Time Sold - One of the most common ways that shoes are made to be exclusive by their manufacturers is to only sell the rare shoes for a short amount of time. Some companies might sell the shoes online for a couple of days, while others might open their sales channels for as little as an hour.

Price -  For some shoes, it is not the amount manufactured or the amount of time that they are sold that makes them exclusive — it is the price. Some shoes are simply more expensive than others. This can be for a number of reasons, but it is usually because of the cost of materials or to make the shoe more exclusive — reducing the number of shoes in the general population and making them more exclusive.

But how can you, as a sneakerhead, ensure that you can get your hands on a pair of exclusive or limited edition shoes the easiest?

The Old Fashioned Way

Like we said at the beginning of today’s post, you could always spend your time combing through the internet. Shoe culture has become huge in the last decade, meaning that there is a multitude of websites that are custom-tailored for people, just like you, that are looking for an exclusive shoe that none of your friends have. In addition to these specialized stores, there are also a number of other less-specialized websites that you might be able to find limited edition shoes at — but keep in mind that these are the same stores that you can find at your local mall.

But what is the catch? While shopping online for exclusive shoe deals can be beneficial, it is risky. When a shoe is released for a limited time or quantity online, sites can crash as a result of heavy user traffic. So shopping online has its downfalls.

Sneaker Conventions

Have you ever shopped online for a limited release shoe only to have it sell out before you can enter your payment information? This is not uncommon, as some buy up as many pairs as they can mark-up and re-sell at conventions. While it seems unfair, that is just how it is sometimes, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t still find a good deal.

But wait, there is a caveat. Shoe conventions are a great place to find top of the line kicks, but you should do your research before you find yourself to be in attendance of one. Counterfeit shoes are a real thing — and you don’t want to spend exclusive-type shoe money on a fake pair of Yeezys.  

Special Sneaker Shops

Sure, we are a little biased, being a Los Angeles shoe store and all, but there is no way to have a more personalized shoe shopping experience than in a store. Sneaker stores not only have the stock of limited edition and rare shoes, but they also have an inventory of different sizes to try one, as well as experienced employees that can help you to find the perfect fit.

Shop With Us At Laced. Today

If you are looking for limited edition shoes, rare shoes, or even just the latest shoe styles we urge you to come to visit us at our Los Angeles shoe store. Our team of experienced style professionals can help you find the latest, and greatest, shoes — and even an outfit to match if you so wish.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our online store to #GetLaced. Follow our social media pages @lacedsouthbay.

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