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How Sneakers Influence Fashion

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Posted on January 20 2019

When most people think of the relationship between sneakers and clothing they think that the clothing determines what sneakers should be worn. At Laced., we disagree. In fact, we think that some of the best outfits are built from the ground up.

But limited edition shoes and rare sneakers have much more of a profound effect on fashion in general than simply to one outfit. In today’s blog, our Los Angeles shoe store will be discussing how sneakers have influenced modern fashion.

Sportier Styles

While one could argue that style has been becoming naturally sportier over time, there was a huge uptick in popularity as sneaker culture started its reign. Sneakers were once viewed as a shoe that was only used when competing in a sport or going to the gym. Once iconic sneakers like the original Air Jordan became famous, people wanted to wear the shoes off the court during everyday life.

As time has progressed, sneakers have solidified themselves as a staple in fashion — and as time has progressed other aspects of the sporting world have followed. Aspects like sweat suits and joggers — two things that have very much made a resurgence in the fashion world.

The Second Wave Of Streetwear

Streetwear refers to the iconic fashions that have been inspired by cultures like skateboarding, hip-hop, rockers, and even sneakerheads. The second wave of streetwear, however, has stemmed directly from brands that began primarily as shoe manufacturers. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, and companies like them have all gone from shoe manufacturers to streetwear empires — continuously building streetwear subcultures within themselves like Nike SB and Puma Basketball.

Because of the second wave of streetwear, you can now go into a store and build your outfit from the ground up — a store like ours here at Laced.

Changing The “Rules”

After sneakers became popular as a staple of fashion culture it still remained more of a streetwear and sportswear style rather than a high-fashion style. Oh, how that has changed. High fashion is no longer an industry that sneakers have no presence in. In fact, some of the most expensive sneakers can be found in the high fashion industry, with Brands like Balenciaga and Gucci selling sneakers at prices ranging from $900 to $1,500 (and they aren’t even limited edition or limited quantity).

Diversifying Closets

If there is one way that shoe culture has influenced fashion as a whole most, it is the introduction of having a diverse closet. When people buy shoes they aren’t looking for a pair of shoes that looks like another pair in their closet — they are looking for a unique pair that they can wear in a different setting than the pairs they have.

As far as influencing the closet, each new pair of limited edition shoes is going to need their own limited edition outfit. Once people have a couple established sneakers that they like, they tend to build outfits around them — something that we are all too familiar with here at Laced.

Shake Up Your Style With Laced.

At Laced. we love fashion. We love shoes, we love clothing, and we love how shoes and clothing compliment each other to make the perfect outfits. In fact, that is what sets us apart from other Los Angeles shoe stores and clothing stores — because we view clothing and shoes through the same lens rather than thinking of them separately.

What can you expect when visiting us at Laced.? You can expect a large inventory of upscale shoes and clothing and a team of experienced fashion professionals that have a passion for building styles and looks that make a bold statement.

So what are you waiting for? Come to our Los Angeles shoe and clothing store today to shop for upscale clothing, limited edition kicks, or even for the entire outfit. Whether you are shopping for a style that you know that you like or if you are looking for a style that was previously outside of your comfort zone, just know that you can find it here at Laced

If you have any questions reach out to us or visit our online store. #GetLaced. Follow our social media pages @lacedsouthbay.

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