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5 Facts About The Nike Air Max 97

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Posted on February 22 2019

When it comes to iconic shoes that were created by Nike, there are a few that come to mind. People generally think of the Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force 1, and the Jordan line manufactured by Nike Shoes — but rarely do people think of the shoe that once bridged the gap between two popular designs.

In 2017, the Nike Air Max 97 was noted as one of the most popular shoes on the market but rarely do people remember that it once bridged the gap between the Air Max and Air Force 1 shoe lines. That being said, there is a lot that people don’t readily know about the Air Max 97, and that is exactly why we will be discussing little-known facts about the Air Max 97 in today’s blog.

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It Cost More Than Any Air Max Before It

While it might seem obvious that the Air Max 97 to cost more than its predecessors, the Nike Air Max 97 cost more by a substantial margin — as far as sneakers go, for that matter. The 97 cost a whole ten dollars and tax more than the 1995 and 1996 versions of the Air Max at $150, marking the first time that an Air Max had changed prices between models. While that might not sound like much, that is the equivalent of $225 in 2016 — a price that we still believe to be above the average cost of most sneakers.

It Was Only On The Shelf For A Year

If there is one thing that Nike is known for, it is churning out new versions of the same shoe in different colorways and small design tweaks. Not only did this allow them to always have an exciting new shoe to sell, but it also allowed them to make tweaks in the design that were noted as undesirable to the public. Superseded by the first Nike Air Max 98, the Air Max 97 did not stay on shelves for as long as most sneakers might. Luckily, like all Nike shoes, it has found its way back to the shelves in different variations.

The Classic Gold That We Know And Love Didn’t Come First

When people think of the Nike Air Max 97, they typically think of the gold colorway. While it is without a doubt the crowd favorite, the silver colorway came first in both men’s and women’s styles. The silver colorway was released nearly a year after the shoes initial release in 1998 as a part of the “sport classic” line, with the gold colorway coming nearly a year later in1999.

It’s Lacing System Was The First Of Its Kind

Since the beginning of sneaker existence, shoelaces have been manufactured in one way — and most shoes still sport the original or “traditional” lacing. What made the Air Max 97 so different was the hidden lacing system that kept the eyes of the shoe out of sight. This innovative design contributed greatly to the already sleek design that the Nike Air Max 97 had going for it. Because it was designed like a…

It was Designed In The Likeness Of A Raindrop

While the Air Max line has always maintained a similar look, one of the only similarities that the Air Max 87 shares with those that came before and after it is the iconic air bubble that gave it its name. The Air Max 97 was designed to look sleek and streamlined — with many people noticing its resemblance to a raindrop. After all, every shoe design has to get its inspiration from somewhere.

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